"I Am The New Year"

by Tom Wacaster

I am the new year; three hundred and sixty five days of unspotted, unspoiled, and unused time. I am a clean slate of opportunity, a reflection of what MIGHT BE rather than what HAS BEEN. I am the youth of an ageless tomorrow bidding farewell to the hoary head of the fond memory of yesterday. I am the fresh breeze of opportunity that blows across the fields of yesterday's broken and forgotten promises.

To some I will be nothing more than a fleeting resolution that will blaze across the pale sky of self determination and fade into the midnight of lost hopes and forgotten dreams. To others I will usher in a new day of optimism, hope, and genuine change. My diary contains unlimited resolutions, once made in earnest and then broken in haste. My features are a mystery, for no one can tell what is in store for tomorrow. Each day brings new insight as to what I will be after I have completed my journey. I am the opportunity to achieve those things which for some reason or another were left undone in the previous year.

To the financier I am interest accumulated at a fixed percentage rate. To the student I am that one step closer to graduation. To the small child I am another summer camp, Thanksgiving holiday, or Christmas wish. To every parent I contain the joy of watching a child grow and mature for another fifty two weeks. To the young I am dreams and hopes dressed in daily determination. To the child anxious to open another present under the tree, I come too slowly; to the aged, I come too often.

For some, this year will bring unparalleled opportunities. For others it will bring disaster and ruin. To all, it will bring us twelve months closer to eternity.


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